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Restaurant clean up

Commercial Clean Up

When things went terribly wrong at a local business, they called SERVPRO of Marshfield/Rockland and we responded quickly. We helped get things cleaned up and had things back up and running in no time.

water damage in a local restaurant

Flood in a local restaurant

When a local area restaurant experienced a devastating flood in their dining room, they called SERVPRO of Marshfield/Rockland to help get them back up and running and open for business. 

South Shore, retail office suffers damage

This large retail office space was trashed by so much water damage that has ripped through the walls and electrical grid of the office. SERVPRO was able to safely secure the facility. Safe and quick, two words that matter when getting back to business counts most!

Hanson Restaurant

SERVPRO was called in to take care of this terrible mess in a Hanson, MA restaurant. There was damage that included water damage to walls and ceilings. Time to get this restaurant cleaned up and ready to serve it's patrons!

Warehouse -Clean up, Every Aisle

Severe water damage came in and tore this warehouse apart. The walls and electrical had to be cut into and corrected. We managed to save a good amount of the dry wall. In and out quick. Customer happy to get back to business.

South Dennis Church - Brings the Roof Down

Disasters can strike anywhere, even at church! SERVPRO was promptly called following the collapse of the ceiling. There was damage done to the pews and the carpet. Prayers answered, SERVPRO was able to provide a quick clean up.